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For side sleepers! Space for your ear. Inlett nettle, cover nettle, detachable, washable. 30 cm across. All Bio quality.
For a relaxed neck in tha morning. You will not want to miss it. You still sleep or already spelt?


Loofah Massage Sponge

Dress off, but look good! Smooth skin waitinf for a loofah massage after this long and cold season.

Loofah Massage Sponge


Fine Buffalo Horn Styling Comb

We're taking so much care of our hair - best herewith!
Beautiful 19 cm buffalo horn styling comb. Fine.
Horn combs are anstistatic and preserve the hair's natural sheen.
Thanks to careful control from our side they are most careful with your hair and pleasant on your scalp.
These combs are natural products and each one is a one of a kind with its natural characteristics.

Fine Buffalo Horn Styling Comb
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