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Olivia's Hand Made Natural Soap

Our skin is not only our best protection and our biggest sensual organ, its also our foremost carrier of sympathy. That is why we clean it and care for.

My products leave only one thing on your body,
and that is well being.

For production I use the best ingredients, great care and experience since year 2000
The various formulas guarantee a fine tuned skin care for your personal needs. Your skin recovers the natural balance and beauty, thats constantly endangered by modern life style, environmental factors and aging.

The positive feedback from all groups of maturity - from teen agers to needy elderly - is an unbelievable motivation to provide you only the very best products. Not to forget our beloved pets with their sensitive noses who like us much better with a decent scent..

The joy to see, feel and use hand made natural soaps in all their variety and the quality time they add to your life makes a lot of less pleasant things so much easier to carry.

Have fun shopping,
and thank you for feedback

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